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Spanish is called a Romance language though it might as well be verbal intercourse. We can't help but fall for the charms of a sexy señorita that knows her way around the bedroom and is dying to strut her stuff. Armed with a sultry accent and an impressive pair of DDs, it can be argued that Bridgette B has the most famous boobs to ever hail from her native Barcelona. The Catalan cutie left the red clay tiles of her hometown for greener pastures over in the US, where she started off as an exotic dancer while working on her degree at OSU. Suffice it to say, she went from schoolgirl to smutbucket and never looked back, unless it's to lock eyes with the stunt cock that's plowing her into oblivion. She debuted in adult film in 2008 and while best known for her knockers, her ass ain't far behind, with a scrumptious rump that's best suited for a rough anal pounding the likes of which you wish you could deliver. The Spaniard fuckdoll loves to please and whether she's handling dongs or munching rugs, but if one thing's for certain it's that she will deftly navigate the situation, like a bullfighter waving his red cape to the crowd's delight. Speaking of which, she's a true pro when it comes to interracial scenes and can take the largest bull by the horns, ideally in her awaiting gape. RedTube has Bridgette B videos and clips all lined up for you, so put down the tapas and pick up your chorizo, it's go time. Olé!
Birth Date: Oct 15, 1983
Country: Spain
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Ethnicity: Latin