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Stella Cox (AKA Stella Powers) is a cute brunette whose smile will melt your heart and your cock in the best possible way. Originally from Italy, she has a cute little accent that'll make your boner throb. Although she's Italian, her accent is predominantly British. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has natural 32D breasts. Factor in her 23-inch waist and 32-inch ass and she's pretty damn amazing! Stella maintains her perfect figure by walking and hitting the gym, but she doesn't follow any particular fitness regime. A true bisexual, she likes to play with guys and gals, though she does like cock more. Stella likes to get fucked from behind or in piledriver position. Stella doesn't know if she'll stay in the porn industry for a long time but she is enjoying herself; she's just not sure if it'll be her lifetime career. Stella assures her fans that she's actually pretty boring besides the fact that she shoots hot porn movies for the masses! Looking at her resume, Stella is rather slutty: lesbian fisting, double penetration threesomes, and lots of facial cumshots. She loves feeling a squirt of jizz on her body or her face because it lets her know she has done a fine job at relieving her costars and fans. For the most part, Stella is seen in her porn movies without a hint of pussy hair. She has tried a few bondage movies, but her real interests are in fucking and getting fucked like a true pornstar.